Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Where am I?

Getting time to update this little bloggy blog can get tricky, but it's not fair for those of you who check back regularly! So I thought I'd give you a little insight as to what I've been doing and what you can expect to see in the coming months.

Ebook/ Dvd courses are coming! These are a little while off still as I'll be offering a four part series! The first part is almost finished, however it's aimed mainly at complete beginners - so much so that you shouldn't even have an airbrush when you begin reading it.
It offers insight as to the best and safest ways to set up your airbrush space, the best compressors to buy and the pitfalls to watch out for, what airbrush paints to look for and how to decide on the right airbrush.
airbrushed eye project
Your very first airbrush project!
After all of the information cramming and airbrush buying on your behalf, it will take you through your very first airbrush exercise using stencils and templates, which you will cut out yourself!

Here's a sneak peak at your first airbrush project.

This chapter of the courses will be mainly reading, however I will also be offering a free tutorial and walk through of the eye.
The best thing for all of the followers out there is that I'll be offering this first chapter for free as it's aimed mainly at those wanting to get into airbrushing, but who have a million questions on where to start. Hopefully this book/ course will eliminate some of those questions!

'Yeah great, so you've done some silly book!! - WHY haven't you been BLOGGING??'

On top of the book, airbrushtutor is also expanding, along with the addition of recent tutorials and video tutorials we also have the growing forum which demands quite a bit of attention. The airbrush forum is really starting to uncover some amazing talent and offers great advice especially to beginners. Strongly recommend you check it out: the airbrush forum

'Yeah and what else?'

Recently on the forum I made a (not very) heartfelt post about my biggest weakness in airbrushing, my achilles heal. True fire.
I just can't do it, I don't understand it, I've practised for hours and it just seems to take forever to get better.
I don't find any tutorials that demonstrate how to create the shape - the colors are fine, that's the easy part but the shape?! Can someone teach me how to do that?
Well if you're asking that question then stay tuned because I'm developing what I believe could be one of the most helpful true fire tutorials out there.
I've been doing alot of reference study, I even nearly burnt down my garage capturing slick pictures of burning flames.. all in the interest of art.
See the fry pan in the picture? at the bottom?
No my girlfriend didn't see it either, but still managed to cook a mean sunday morning eggs with it.

So that's why I haven't been blogging.
But ask yourself this.. have you been spreading the love??
As always, much love and warmth to all those who take time to read this rant, peace and happiness to all.
Airbrush tutor


  1. I am very eager to see what you are going to do. Thank you!

  2. Hey my tutor, I have been spreading the love whilst eagerly awaiting all of the tutoring that will propel me towards airbrushing super stardom, as evidenced by my posts on the forum :-)
    I'm looking forward to seeing/watching and reading everything so keep em coming.

  3. Hey , thanks for the vids. They great. Dont have an airbrush as yet, hopefully when i find one on ebay in next couple of weeks maybe. need to set up a booth as in a 1 bed flat so have nowhere apart from inside the lounge to spray, (not good). When will the 1st dvd/book be ready for release??
    Spreading the love with new gf when meet this weekend :)

  4. If the forum is anything to go by, this ebook & DVD concept should be a winner, make sure you say something about it on the forum when its released

  5. how long till you release the download, cant wait wkd

  6. Hey there, wasn't sure how else to reach you. But wondering what kind of equipment mainly airbrush, you might recommend for a somewhat experienced artist looking to get into airbrushing?

  7. True Fire is HARD to achieve, but I am starting to understand it more and more, I have to look at pictures of flames to get close to it when airbrushing, but i still haven't achieved the right look. I really want to see this tutorial! Check out my website at

  8. have you checked out the true fire training offered by Chuck Bauman at Might be the help your looking for. However, I am looking forward to your rendition.

  9. Hello, i see the blog is slow, and not updated so often.

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      Thanks for the tips and inspiration. I usually just stick to airbrushing on t-shirts its my personal preference.
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