Monday, 16 April 2012

Airbrush Art

Here's a few pics from back in the day when Chris Edwards, Ryan Cribbin and myself were working at 'Twisted Arts Factory' - a custom paint and airbrush art workshop where I spent some of the best hours of my life, and some of the hardest!

This was a customer's BMW, which he had two-toned and wanted us to
break it up with a graphic. So that's exactly what we did.
The car took 2 of us around 6 hrs to complete the car from drawing the design to the last pinstripe.

The piece below was done as a promotional work, showcasing a wall mural. This piece took approximately 4 days for myself to complete, which was longer than we would have liked.
From a commercial standpoint you should aim to have a portrait complete in around 3 hours, but getting to this stage takes years of practise. I obviously hadn't had the years of practise.. Still a very nice result!
A wall mural done at a building and house improvement company

This is a body board I painted for a competition around 6 years ago. The week prior to painting this body board I had spent airbrushing a bonnet for a competition. I spent around 40 hours within 3 days to finish the bonnet and after that time I quickly airbrushed this body board!
The bonnet was technically very difficult but I won an award for the board because the judge really liked 'the bright colors'.

The AirbrushTutor site will start teaching different aspects of automotive work in the 3rd quarter of this year.
It's best for people to learn about color theory, how to build portraits, airbrush shapes and textures with water based paints before moving into the automotive scene. The method of airbrushing stays the same but everything else changes to require absolute perfection.
Enjoy the pics!