Saturday, 10 March 2012

Airbrush Exercises!

1 of 5 Airbrush Exercises - Script Loops!
I guarantee you won't find any airbrush exercises this helpful available for free on the internet.
I'm extremely proud to offer the most useful tutorials made by airbrush tutor to date - Airbrush Control Exercises!
These two new tutorials demonstrate how to gain excellent airbrush control, increase speed and confidence in airbrushing.
You've been shown how to create lines, dots and blends but the airbrush exercise tutorials show you how to practise, improve and fine tune these techniques.
It's not only about being able to airbrush the technique, it's about being able to airbrush them at different heights and different intensities.
Mastering these techniques is an ongoing process whether you're a beginner artist or a true professional, but to this day I myself continue practising these exercises. You will notice an increase in  your confidence and accuracy after just 1 hour practise with these exercises, which in turn will increase your speed.
Let me present to you:
Airbrush Control Exercises!!

Be sure to follow the link at the end of the video to view 'Airbrush Control Exercises 2!'
Here is the link where you can download the exercises:
Airbrush Exercise
Remember if you find these exercises and tutorials useful, then share them with your friends and fellow airbrush artists!
Spreading more love everyday,
Airbrush Tutor

Thursday, 1 March 2012

New Airbrush Forum!

We're very excited to announce the opening of the world's newest airbrush forum! has expanded and has delivered a simple and resourceful airbrush forum catered especially to beginner airbrush artists and professional's alike.

There are many great airbrush forums out there already, however the new forum offers a simple design, the same as with black text on white background for ease of use and reading and was a response to questions and comments from the social media channels such as twitter, facebook and youtube.
This forum can capture those questions and comments and build up a database of searchable topics for anyone having similar problems or questions in the future.
Feel free to use the forum as a resource for any airbrush related questions you may have, troubleshooting, if you're looking for inspiration, general airbrush discussions and a place where you can post your artworks and get some constructive criticism!
So come and join this amazing new community!
Thanks for being a part of airbrush tutor!

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