Monday, 13 February 2012

Airbrush Hand Stenciling

There are often times in an artwork where the use of a stencil would be helpful but it would mean stopping, putting the airbrush down, picking up the stencil.. it pains me to write further i'm so lazy.
If you are as lazy as me - then have a go at using your hand as a stencil.
It is a common technique, used by many good airbrush artists and offers a few advantages:
  • Your stencil line won't be as sharp as a laser cut stencil
  • It is much faster to simply put your hand in the way
  • You have great control over how sharp your lines becomes depending on the opacity of spray and the height at which you are creating your effect.
Have a look at this video by Ace Kustoms - the webmaster of - you will notice the speed that he gains by hand stenciling.

You can practise this technique by using individual fingers and checking the results, pushing your thumb down hard and spraying close to the surface, and moving your hand along with the airbrush to create long stencilled lines.
Practise and enjoy!
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