Sunday, 22 January 2012

Airbrush Blog

Have you heard of Airbrush Doc?
You should have - it's the number one ranking airbrush blog on google!
I've recently returned from holidays which is the reason for no new posts, however I promised myself that as soon as I returned I would let everyone know of the great site I discovered.
I did a search on google for 'airbrush blog' and the first listing that came up was Airbrush Doc!
I had a look around the site and thought it was perfectly aligned with what airbrush tutor is trying to achieve.

I continued viewing the site and decided that joining the mail list was well worth the free stencils that you can get access to also.

It's a very helpful resource that also offers airbrush reviews for complete beginners, tips and tricks, frequent posts from amazing artists, a neat gallery and an online shop!
I will be referring to this blog in future as it is a fantastic airbrush resource - check it out and remember to download your free airbrush stencils!