Monday, 26 December 2011

How to Airbrush Wood Texture

Did you even realise that wood could be airbrushed?
This texture appears so realistic that the human eye can't tell that it's fake. This means that the texture can be applied to almost any surface from cars to cotton!
The latest video tutorial demonstrates how to airbrush the basic texture and indirectly demonstrates that you can even add imperfections such as knots to bring the wood to life.

In any airbrushed artwork it's normally the imperfections that give an artwork the appearance of perfection.
This airbrush video tutorial demonstrates the wood texture on a less than ideal surface - high GSM paper.
I have even done this texture on cotton before with great results however, the best result is achieved using automotive acrylic paints on automotive surfaces such as color bond steel/ hard polymer plastics.
Try using different colors to achieve different looking types of wood, from subtle pine wood to solid oaks!
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Airbrush Tutor

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Airbrushing Rock Textures!

The latest airbrush video tutorial from the 'getting real' series! 
This video teaches you how to create a very simple rock texture and demonstrates the 'splatter effect'. 
A simple effect done while using a pencil to impede the paint flow. 
It also demonstrates the fundamentals of making an object 3 dimensional - shadows and highlights

The Golden rule to shadows and highlights is this - 'Shadow, highlight, shadow'.
When doing freehand art, it's important to remember that every highlight has 2 shadows.
It's a very 'common-sense' way of thinking about it, but just acknowledging this rule may teach you something.
We'll go more in depth into this in later tutorials. 
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