Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Still airbrushing textures..

Bang!! Here it is after four weeks. Airbrush textures 2!
The follow up tutorial that teaches how to do hair texture and how to create wrinkles.

Good looking hair can make or break an artwork, however after viewing this video tutorial and reading up on the airbrush text tutorial you will have a better understanding of how to simply create great looking, realistic hair.
All hair is created by lines and dagger strokes done at different heights. It's important to remember to catch the detail of hair (by airbrushing close to the artwork) and to airbrush the dimension (by airbrushing far).
Be sure to concentrate first on the most obvious parts of the hair, which will be the main shapes - and to blend your textures out from this.
The size of the hair you're creating will determine the size of your dagger strokes.


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