Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Pictures for Airbrushing

A typical facebook picture lacking dimension and shape.
How do you know if a picture is going to look good airbrushed?

It comes down to the shapes, contrast and lightness of the image.
In general, most images won't turn out looking that great!
I hope Angelique on the left here doesn't mind me borrowing her photo from facebook, however this is a great example of a bad airbrushing reference.

It is very typical of amateur photography where overexposure or too much flash break down the shapes and contrast.
A perfect example of a great airbrush reference!
The quickest and easiest way to tell if it will look amazing is to make the picture black and white.
Is it still easy to see the shapes?
Is there much dimension?

Now take a look at this professional photo taken of my close friend Cameron Diaz here on the right.
Even in colour this image would turn out amazing - however just look at the contrast and shapes in the image when we make it black and white!
This image would turn out great and is a perfect candidate for an airbrushed portrait.

If you are wanting to find good airbrushing portraits for practise, why not try Google image search or Yahoo!'s Flickr?
For the best results - type in the name of the celebrity you want to search for and after it type in wallpaper.
E.g: Cameron Diaz Wallpaper
Wallpaper's are usually the highest resolution images and are therefore perfect as airbrush references!
Hope this helps!
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