Friday, 14 October 2011

What did I just learn?

Hello Tutorlings. As Part 2 content of the airbrush tutor series is slowly being compiled I thought i'd take a progress shot at an opportune time.
The following image displays the difference between Airbrush Control & Getting Real perfectly. Airbrush control is about gaining the right amount of skill to be able to create any shape within an image.
If you have seen the video tutorials available at airbrush tutor then you already have the knowledge to be able to create the shapes shown on the lower left of the below image.
These shapes are the foundation of an artwork. They are the early building blocks, creating dimension & form, making the image 3D.
These shapes are what must be below every artwork and will be where you start creating every piece you do from here. Build the shape, then bring it to life.
The top right of the image demonstrates how we are beginning to create realism through our use of layers and textures. Animals require a great deal of different textures and these are things we will be looking into in Part 2.
Can you distinguish the difference between the two halves?

keep practising & spreading the love.

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