Monday, 10 October 2011

Airbrushing the leopard!

Part two major airbrushing project - the leopard!
Grab your free copy of the leopard template here first at the airbrush tutor blog!

We've put together this little package so any inspired beginners can keep airbrushing away!
The image has been chosen for the same reason that we chose Cameron Diaz's eye - for the excellent image quality & the well pronounced shapes.

Your homework is to download the template and transfer it onto something bigger & airbrush it.
What can you use to transfer it?
You could trace the design onto a piece of transparency paper and project it.
You could take it to a local printer and have it printed on A2 sized paper.
Attempt the image at A3 size (not recommended for beginners).

If you were able to master the eye tutorial and had good results then you'll be pleasantly surprised at how simple this image is!
Even though we haven't gone into how to create hair texture - you can take all the detail out from the image and try to airbrush only the shapes. You'll still have an amazing looking result, something else to put on your wall and when you've learnt how to do hair textures you can come back & bring it to life!

Be the first to attempt this image - download the template below:
As if receiving this cool package wasn't enough already - if you're the first artist to post your image up on the airbrush tutor facebook or twitter page, you'll receive a personal in depth assessment of your artwork highlighting the strong areas and showing you where you may need improvement. Find out how to improve your skills fast!
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